Collection VIII

Our Collection VIII is a unisex collection. COMING SOON.

Collection VIII represents “The Gift & The Curse”. I know many of you may ask what’s the meaning of the VIII. 

Well the number 8 resonates with my soul. It’s a number that’s attached to me in many ways. So here’s the list

  • My oldest sibling is born 8/8/83
  • My dad gained his wings on June 8th
  • My mom gained her wings on February 28th
  • My nephew was born on April 8th
  • My niece was on on February 8th
  • I met my soul mate the 8th month

In numerology, the number 8 is one of the most desired numbers. It represents a source of strength & power. Biblically it represents the start of a new beginning. Turn it sideways it’s the infinity sign.